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What We Do

Whitehand Global LLC offers a full range of pre-construction and construction services, taking full responsibility for the project from start to finish, Its estimator, project managers and the superintendent who actively overseas all aspects of the construction to have a smooth operation through all phase of the project. The comapny operates under various legal entities with specialists for each sector.



One of the key strengths of WHG is its comprehensive approach to project management. The company offers a full range of pre-construction services, including site analysis, design development, and cost estimating. This enables clients to have a clear understanding of the project requirements and costs before construction begins.

The company’s global presence and network of partners and suppliers enable it to provide construction services in various geographies and markets. Whether it’s a complex infrastructure project in a remote location or a high-rise building in a bustling city, WHG has the expertise and resources to deliver projects of all sizes and complexities.