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WWHG is an international company. We are here to provide all kinds of services to the US government, the military, embassies, organizations and companies in the world. We reach them in the most difficult circumstances in order to provide goods, services, and daily life.


  • A reference point in the world for the infrastructure development industry and in both civil and industrial engineering projects.
  • A company which participates in the development of sectors which are fundamental for the economy.
  • A company committed to economic and social progress in the countries where it is present.


All WHG LLC activities show a determined customer orientation, with a familiarity with contracting culture. As a guarantee for the future, we build solid, long-term relationships based on trust and mutual knowledge. The flexible, decentralized group structure promotes employees’ responsibility and entrepreneurship. These are basic tools for maximizing profitability and encouraging the excellence necessary to offer customers the best services and products.


WHG LLC maintains an irrevocable commitment to sustainable development to serve society in an efficient and ethically responsible manner through its capacity to create value for shareholders. We demand the maximum integrity standards from its employees and collaborators.

These values, which have formed part of the company’s culture since its foundation, have created the main competitive advantages which are the cornerstone of our past and future growth.

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